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    Content Grid maybe used on home section to show the latest items from the blog, portfolio or shop. The settings for this shortcode are almost end less. Like all of Blaszok’s shortcodes this one is also available through VisualComposer, which offers a simple drag & drop interface to build complex pages with ease.

    Post Grid
    • MSKYH Letter Bags arrive by Air Mail. And for this season they come in SixPack!
      By MSKYH denim bleached motives each Letter Bag received its own pattern representing a different characteristic. The first MSKYH Letter BAGs arrived in 2017 summer.…
    • mskyh coffee mug
      Take a Break! Warm up your body with a delicious hot drink! MSKYH unique design MUG give power for the rest of your day !…
    • We love Unisexwear! Especially when its Timeless!
      MESKAYAH has found Your REAL unisexwear beads! And they perfectly fit for all age. Its a Necklace & Bracelet 2 in 1. After / during…
    Portfolio Grid
    Shortcode Attributes
    • title – set widgets title.
    • grid content – here you can specify the content of the grid you can choose: posts, product from the shop portfolio items, pages or mix of any of previously mentioned.
    • post count – how many posts to display.
    • order – how to sort the posts.
    • categories – filter by categories.
    • tags – filter by tags.
    • taxonomies – filter by taxonomy.
    • author – filter by author.
    • teaser layout – specify in which order to display the teaser (thumbnail, title or excerpt).
    • link target – same window / blank.
    • thumbnail size – specify the size of the thumbnail.
    • items per view – how many images to display per view.
    • extra class – to be used in CSS.

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