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    mskyh winter Giant Scarf Seriously Black Unisexwear

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    Size Guide

    T H E   D E S I G N

    Simplicity of Black provide RELIABLE LOOK ! ! ! Fit to any place and harmonize with any outfits.

    It has no other colour, no shiny, no flitter decorations therefore men also can wear it with confidence.

    Wear it easy in solo or same easy fit under your wintercoat.  In the same time, if needed, U can cover your head thanks to its remarkable width (100 cm) .


    M A T E R I A L

    elastic knitted jersey. comfortable wear even for sensitive skins


    S I Z E

    Only one size.

    100 cm  wide  x  250 cm long.

    Its so big and since also behaves flexibly,  anyhow U can turn it around your neck min 3 times while also covering your chest.

    C A R E

    Machine wash on Low Temperature

    Low Tumble Dry

    Careful Ironing!